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Our active initiative RAJUSHA seeks to empower underprivileged widows by providing a safe environment to work and giving them an opportunity to make themselves self-reliant. They are asked to nurture and cultivate flora such as succulents and other indoor plants, which we help sell through our online shop. They aree given a periodic (monthly) salary irrespective of the profits made.


We also host exhibitions and take part in fairs to help spread our cause, to ensure that the women who need this elevating initiative can approach us, so that we can support them in their upliftment. If you know any such women who can benefit from this initiative, please let us know by clicking the button below:


our shop

Our online shop helps facilitate a proper pathway for the sale of the foliage cultured by our beloved craftswomen and to showcase all the merchandise we have to offer for you.

Click below to access our online store.

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