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Intern at dswf

To ensure that our work is being done to fruition, we need support from the community, while enhancing your skill set. We offer internships for those that are committed to working for the city of Dehradun. 

One can either apply for the online internship which encompasses various tasks in administration, event management, social media management and volunteering. The internship also requires a research paper to be published, which would focus on the environmental lows. This internship is usually for one month. A photography and videography internship is also available at DSWF wherein interns are expected to photo-document every clean up drive, along with any event that occurs within the NGO. This internship is for three months.

To be eligible to apply, one must have passed grade 12 and must have the environmentalist spirit. Upon successful completion of the internship, one receives a stamped certificate, along with a letter of recommendation.

If interested, contact us by clicking on the button below and we will revert to you within 24 hours to start the application process

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